founder Neha’s story

Neha Khetan Singh’s story starts from Rajasthan, the land of royal and grand designs. The world’s template to inspire and be inspired by the magnificent and exquisite. Growing up exposure to all-things-beautiful was high enough to kindle a sense of passion for jewellery. With her heart and mind set on it she decided to bejewel myself with the right credentials. After graduating from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) with a specialisation in jewellery Neha embarked on a highly specialised Masters from Mod’ art international Paris, in luxury goods and fashion industries. An Internship at the haute couture department of Daniel Swarovski, Paris gave her the requisite skills and confidence to work as an assistant designer with Delphine Charlotte Parmentier on global brands like Chanel and Chloe. Armed with global experience and an entrepreneurial streak, Neha decided it was time to go solo. And Stories From India was her way of making her own mark in this crowded jewellery marketplace called India.

The beginnings were small and modest in the cultural city of Bhopal. Neha envisioned SFI as a brand that embodies a uber chic identity of contemporary motifs inspired by our rich heritage and wild life. The idea was also to redefine jewellery customisation. Moulding hand written fonts in silver jewellery into bracelets and ornaments helped people preserve memories. And its not just a women-only brand. There is enough for the metrosexual men out there.

With small beginnings in April 2017, Stories From India is already making global outreach. In December 2017, we showcased our work at the AFL-ARTIGIANO in Fiera, Milan Italy. The appreciation for what are doing was truly overwhelming.

About stories from india

Once upon a time….

One word, “Original”. That’s the starting point of our story.

In this increasingly assembly-line world people desire something that sets them apart as original. What makes them truly unique.

Peoples minds are a fountainhead of ideas for their loved ones and their hearts nurture a genuine desire to give these ideas life. They often have spectacular, grand visions but find it hard to execute them. At Stories From India, we let your ideas inspire us to create the most creative and lasting expression.

The aim to harness the potential of our rich and diverse cultural heritage and jewellery became the genesis of Stories From India.

As social beings we often find ourselves in situations where someone asks us: What’s the story behind the ornament you’re wearing? And on most occasions we do realise that every ornament or piece of jewellery we possess has a backstory.

Our diverse heritage and contemporary designs have given us a vast canvass of creativity. And the onus is on us to fuse these elements to give them new life.

So we bring to you, the untold Stories From India.

The storytellers - the people behind the craft

Haradhan Haldar

The Handmade Craftsman

29 year old Haradhan started working as a craftsman in 2002 in the Jewellery hub of Jaipur. He realised that doing odd jobs was not a sustainable profession so he trained himself by doing simple filing work. As he picked up more skills he decided he wanted to be handmade worker. At Stories From India, Haradhan does just that. He makes bangles, cufflinks, insec...

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Balram Dey

The Setter

From the North Srirampur Village in West Bengal Balram left education and came to Jaipur’s Johri Bazar. When he started out Balram worked for three years without wages. Only the desire to learn the craft kept him going. He set his mind to learn the craft of setting stones and perfected it over the years. At Stories From India, it’s his job to fit stones into m...

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Pijush Kanti Das

he Handmade Craftman

34 year old Pijush has been working as handmade craftsman since 1998. Pijush realised that those who left the village and migrated to cities in search of work were given more respect. The search for work took him to Amritsar in Punjab. He started work in a diamond jewellery store. It was a 5 year learning period for him. After he picked up the necessary skills...

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Pradeep Haldar

Handmade Worker

Pradeep was 18 when he was toiling as a construction labourer at sites in the city of Burdhawan in West Bengal. The onset of adulthood meant moving to better opportunities that would make him a breadwinner for the family. Their village of xxx has been traditionally exporting artisans across the country. A recommendation from a friend landed him a job with a c...

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Ravinder Das

The Moulder

Ravinder was a 14 year old teenager when he set off from Bengal’s Basatpur village in search of work. A local villager brought him to Jaipur where Ravinder was introduced to silver-work with traditional Indian jewellery called Desi Kaam. His career started with a struggle. Before he could be paid, for six months Ravinder had to prove his skills and acumen to b...

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Sameer Sarkar

The Caster  

Sameer has been working as a caster from his teenage days. Seven years ago he arrived in Delhi’s bustling jewellery hub of Chandni Chowk where he started the work of extracting wax from moulds, and the skills of dyeing and casting. At stories from India Sameer performs the specific task of casting which involves making a dye out a wax mould and casting it. Sam...

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