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Silver jewelry Instructions

Every jewelry piece in made in 92.5 silver.Each piece has been ecoated to make it anti tarnish but the following precautions have to be taken-

  • Do store your silver properly (in an anti-tarnish box, wrapped in soft cloths) to avoid tarnishing and scratching.
  • Do polish your silver gently and carefully when it needs it.
  • Do remove silver jewelry before showering, doing dishes, exercising, or engaging in other activities where it will be exposed to moisture for long periods of time.
  • Don’t store silver with wood, rubber, or newspaper, as these items can lead to faster tarnishing.
  • Don’t scrub your silver too harshly when cleaning it, as this can scratch it. Do remove silver jewelry before swimming, especially in a chlorinated pool.
  • Do read all the instructions before polishing your silver, especially if it contains stones, gems, or other additions.
  • Don’t use steel wool to clean your silver (no matter how tarnished it is!).